World Government Summit 2016

The Institute for Digital Archaeology was fortunate enough to attend the World Government Summit in Dubai from February 8-10th. Not only were we able to see some wonderful speakers, including the head of the World Bank and the head of the OECD, but the IDA also gave it’s own presentation on the Million Image Database Project.


The discussion was lead by Saif Abdullah Al Aleeli, the CEO of the Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation, and touched on the mission of the Institute, the technology behind the Million Image Database Project and the educational importance of cultural heritage preservation. You can see the full program materials below.

We were, for the first time, displaying a preview of the MID website portal, including images that Field Director Benjamin Altshuler and advisory board member Giles Richardson collected in the UAE during a visit in early January. It was so exciting to see these aspects of the project come to fruition, and we were overwhelmed by the support from the UAE and the World Government Summit attendees. 

World Government Summit Program