A Catalogue of the Greek Manuscripts of Magdalen College, Oxford

Drafted by Mark L. Sosower

Revised and completed by Nigel Wilson

This book, detailing the Greek manuscripts at Magdalen College Oxford, was published by the Venetian Press in 2016.

The Philae Obelisk: Tales from Egypt, Dorset and Outer Space

Edited by Jane Masseglia

The Philae Obelisk, at Kingston Lacy in Dorset is second only to the Rosetta Stone in importance for translating ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. This book catalogues studies carried out by archaeologists and classicists from the University of Oxford and University of Reading, including Reflectance Transformation Imaging on the obelisk itself. Coterminous with work on the obelisk was the European Space Agency's Rosetta and Philae lander mission. 

The Future of Digital Archaeology

by Roger Michel

This concise overview of the technology, philosophy and ethical considerations underlying the new discipline of digital archaeology was written by the IDA's Executive Director, Roger Michel, and published to coincide with the World Government Summit held in Dubai, UAE from 8-10 February, 2016. 

The Future of Digital Archaeology

Shedding New Light on Ancient Objects, Arion Vol. 22, No. 1

By Benjamin Altshuler & Thomas Mannack

Although PTM was introduced to archaeology relatively recently, it is responsible for some of the most ground- breaking discoveries of the last few decades. The age of digital archaeology has begun a quiet revolution in classical studies, particularly in the fields of epigraphy, archaeology and papyrology. - Arion (Altshuler & Mannack)


Presentation on Digital Imaging in Archaeology, APA Conference 2015

This presentation was given by Benjamin Altshuler, Thomas Mannack and Giles Richardson at the APA/SCS Conference 2015 in New Orleans. 


JDA Volume 1

The inaugural Journal for Digital Archaeology will contain the proceedings of the Digital Imaging in Archaeology conference, hosted at The Ioannou Centre, University of Oxford on May 30-31st, 2015. The Journal is expected to be published in the fall of 2015.