The Institute of Physics is the professional body for Physics in the UK and a leading scientific society with a worldwide membership of more than 50,000. Central to its mission is the advancement of physics education, research, and application. The IoP’s annual programme of Pubic Lectures aims to bring to life the role and importance of physics to our everyday lives and to encourage those who might be interested in pursuing physics-related careers.

As part of the Institute’s Summer Sessions 2016 series, the IDA’s Director of Technology, Dr Alexy Karenowska, will be giving a lecture at the Hillsfest Festival.

In connection with the lecture, and with the support of students from Magdalen College, Oxford the IDA will be running a range of school’s and public engagement activities specifically targeting the Hillsborough area.  These activities will be launched in April in the course of our Trafalgar Square installation.

More information will be posted here very soon.

What lies beneath

Saturday 9 July, Hillsborough Park, Hillsborough, Sheffield

Dr. Alexy Karenowska from the University of Oxford describes how she and an army of volunteers are digitally reconstructing historical sites in the Middle East and how we can use this technology to uncover what Hillsborough's built environment means to its local community.