Dubai Future Foundation

The Dubai Future Foundation is a dedicated research institute for innovation and exploration in the next generation of technology. The museum's goal is to develop innovative scientific solutions to the developmental challenges of the cities of the future. The Dubai Future Foundation partners with the IDA on the Million Image Database Program.

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The City of Arona, Italy 

The city of Arona, on Lake Maggiore, is a hub of culture in Northern Italy. After dedicating the Arona Museum of Archaeology to the late Khaled al-Asaad in 2017, Arona invited the IDA to display the replica Triumphal Arch in the city center. The Arch remained in Arona for several months, and the IDA collaborated with the city to bring guest speakers, educational workshops, concerts and theatrical performances to the city throughout the summer. The IDA has also collaborated with the city of Arona on conservation projects within the city, in particular at La Rocca, a castle and park once owned by the Borromeo family. 

Classics for All

Classics For All raises funds to enable schools, many in areas of high deprivation, to study Latin, ancient history, classical civilisation and ancient Greek. We offer funding to both primary and secondary schools, often to launch classics for the first time. Classics for All is partnered with the IDA on the installation of the Triumphal Arch in Trafalgar Square and educational programs in the UK.

Vertex Modelling 

Vertex Modelling is a small, highly specialised team of remote sensing and 3D modelling experts. Based in the heart of London, Vertex work to create extremely accurate and detailed 3D models of built environments. The team play a key role in our work in the area of 3D modelling and reproduction.

University of Massachusetts, Boston

The University of Massachusetts at Boston is partnered with the IDA on a series of educational programs focusing on cultural heritage preservation and digital techniques in archaeology. These educational programs will begin in 2016.


It is D-Shape's aim to take 3D Printing to the next level, to apply it where it is most needed – the built environment. Landscaping, architecture, interior design, sculpture: our ambition is to give them a powerful tool for fabrication. IDA has partnered with D-Shape to reconstruct ancient monuments through the Million Image Database Program.

National Federation of the Blind

The National Federation of the Blind works to raise the expectations of blind people in the United States. They believe that all blind and partially sighted people are capable of achieving our dreams and living the lives they want. The NFB is partnered with the IDA to pioneer techniques and digital solutions to sharing cultural heritage exhibitions with the blind and partially sighted community.

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The Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A Museum is the world's leading museum of art and design. The IDA collaborated with the V&A for the their exhibition 'A World of Fragile Parts' at the Venice Biennale in 2016 and the publication of a corresponding book with the same title. The exhibition highlighted the value in reproducing lost art and artifacts. In 2018 a copy of the keystone from the IDA's replica Triumphal Arch of Palmyra became a part of the V&A permanent collection.

Abraham Path

The Abraham Path is a cultural walking route that retraces the journey of Abraham, the legendary ancestor of over half of humanity, who is known for his hospitality and kindness toward strangers.

The route follows a range of independent walking trails in the Middle East, unique to each geography that the route crosses. These trails are largely the fruit of local initiatives, developed and maintained by a wide range of local organizations and enthusiasts.

Snap Theatre

Snap Theatre, under the artistic direction of Andy Graham, is an educational theatre company working with children and young people from all backgrounds, actively encouraging them to participate in and engage with the arts. Snap Theatre works with the IDA on the development of workshops and curriculum materials in connection with the Million Image Database Gateways programme.


Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW)

The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World is based at New York University. It is a center for advanced scholarly research with a focus on the economic, religious, political and cultural connections between ancient civilizations. ISAW’s approach to the study of the ancient world is highly multidisciplinary, and combines all of the social sciences to study areas as diverse as the Mediterranean, East Asia and the Pacific Ocean. The institute is committed to research in digital antiquity, and has collated much of its own research with that of other universities into large online databases.

 ISAW operates within NYU, but has its own endowment and board of trustees.

The Friends of Herculaneum Society

The Friends of Herculaneum Society is based in Oxford and aims to bring public awareness to Herculaneum through education projects. The society also promotes research at Herculaneum, and has worked extensively with the IDA on projects in the Villa of Papyri.

The Iris Project

The Iris Project and East Oxford Community Classics Centre were founded by Lorna Robinson in order to bring Latin, Greek and Ancient History classes to UK state schools. Through programs like Literacy through Latin, after school programs at the EOCCC and, beginning this year, A Level Latin and Ancient History, the Iris Project fosters a love of learning and the Classics in children and adults in Oxford and across the UK. Past events have included talks from Mary Beard, the poet laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, and the creation of a museum in the Cheney School, Headington. The Institute for Digital Archaeology is proud to sponsor The Iris Project and their excellent work. IDA is currently working with Iris to begin a sister program in Cambridge, MA: Iris USA.


The United Arab Emirates

The UAE has stated that it has a global responsibility to protect the history and heritage of the Middle East. The Dubai Future Foundation has announced a global partnership with the IDA to document archaeological sites in the region.

UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage is committed to protecting the cultural heritage of all peoples in the belief that cultural heritage has the power to inform identity and transform society. The IDA had collaborated with UNESCO on the Million Image Database Program, which is currently documenting endangered archaeological sites in the Middle East. We also made a joint presentation on the future of heritage preservation at the 2017 G7 Summit.

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The United Nations

The United Nations headquarters in New York City is a symbol of unity and peace around the globe. The IDA, in collaboration with the Italian Permanent Mission to the UN, was honored to install the exhibition 'Light and Stone' in November 2017 to highlight the resilience of cultural heritage and its power to bring people together. In August 2018 the IDA will install a second exhibition at the UN headquarters, in collaboration with the UK Permanent Mission to the UN.

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AccuCities is a 3D modeling company based in London, specializing in incredibly accurate models of urban spaces for architects, construction companies and urban planners. They have collaborated on multiple modeling projects with the IDA. AccuCities created the 3D model of London and VR experience on display at the IDA's August 2018 United Nations Exhibition.


Harvard University Dept. of Classics

Harvard University houses one of the most prestigious Classics departments in the world, and one of many currently embracing digital techniques and technologies in the study of Classics and archaeology. The IDA has worked with the Department of Classics over the years on a number of successful collaborations aimed at providing students with opportunities to increase their technical skills, especially in the areas of imaging and cataloguing.  Among other things,  we have collaborated on a regional study course for undergraduates focusing on Sicily, which includes a trip to multiple sites in Sicily and training in a variety of imaging techniques.


TOR ART is an Italian company that specializes in robotics, sculpture and the study of applied technology on construction materials such as marble, stone and metals. The company is a partner in the Million Image Database project for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. TOR ART will assist in the delicate task of recreating ancient monuments destroyed in the conflict zones of the Middle East.

New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is the United States' largest public library system. The NYPL is partnered with the IDA through the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Books Library on various projects to bring tactile and audio exhibitions to blind and partially sighted people in New York City.

Trinity College, Oxford

Trinity College Oxford is a constituent college of the University of Oxford. The college was founded in 1555.  The IDA has collaborated with Trinity on a wide range of projects, including our UMass certificate degree program. More recently, we have worked to support Trinity's efforts to expand its graduate studentships and to create new initiatives aimed at exposing Trinity students to learning opportunities abroad.

Royal National Institute of Blind People

The Royal National Institute of Blind People offers practical and emotional support to people who are losing their sight, are partially sighted or blind in the United Kingdom. The RNIB is partnered with the IDA to find creative solutions to sharing cultural heritage through tactile and audio exhibitions.


In collaboration with Classics for AllMagdalen College, OxfordSnap Theatre, and colleagues in the Middle East, the Gateways programme targets the cultural education of primary and secondary school children in the UK and the Middle East. Gateways connects children though shared activities exploring themes in culture, language, and ancient history.


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University of Oxford Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents

The University of Oxford's Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents is at the forefront of research in Reflectance Transformation Imaging, a photographic technique that allows researchers to see minute details invisible to the naked eye. The IDA has collaborated with the CSAD on numerous projects over the years, including an intensive field study of the Philae Obelisk at Kingston Lacy.  We have also worked jointly on various cataloguing projects and supported long-term efforts to digitally record a corpus of Ptolemaic inscriptions from Egypt, the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions, and a wide range of Greek squeezes and papyri.

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University of Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology

We are pleased to support the extraordinary work of Oxford's Centre for Maritime Archaeology. The CMA is a recognized global leader in the highly specialized area of underwater archaeology.  They have made significant discoveries at a range of important sites, including the wreck of HMS Invincible. The IDA is pleased to provide the CMA with both financial and technical assistance -- particularly in the areas of high technology imaging and 3D modeling.


Kallos Gallery

Kallos Gallery was founded by Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza and showcases beautiful pieces of ancient art in the heart of London. Kallos mission is to not only display and preserve these artefacts, but to support the Classics and archaeology through outreach programs, educational series and more. The IDA has worked with Kallos Gallery to image several pieces in their collection, most notably the Enthroned Korae, and will begin a collaborative project in September 2015.

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The Classics Conclave 

The Classics Conclave is a private foundation that promotes study, supports research and recognizes excellence in all fields of Classical studies. Begun in Boston, the Classics Conclave now works in both the United States and the United Kingdom. In keeping with its mission statement, it has provided direct support to a number of individual scholars and organizations, awarded scholarships to promising students, hosted dinners and colloquia, republished out-of-print texts, created an online library of oral histories of scholars, collaborated in the creation of undergraduate teaching programs, and participated in the development and testing of digital imaging technologies (RTI).