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BBC Arabic Festival

  • Broadcasting House Portland Place London, England United Kingdom (map)

On March 25th, the IDA will participate in a panel discussion as part of the BBC Arabic Festival 2019 on “Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Crisis”.

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Description from the BBC Website:

Special Presentation and Panel Discussion: Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Crisis
BBC Arabic Digital Investigation

In recent years, the digitization of cultural preservation has become a priority among researchers, artists, and developers at institutions ranging from the Victoria and Albert Museum to UNESCO. This special event explores the role of investigative documentary in these efforts, unearthing histories and contemporary threats - such as siege, bombing, looting and smuggling - to their remains. Using digital technology to advance their investigation, BBC Arabic have been able to capture stories in more detail than ever before, presenting an opportunity for future generations to experience, examine and study these sites.

This is an active investigation. The results of this research will be revealed for the first time at this event.

Panel Discussion

These exclusive presentations will be followed by an expert panel discussion on media and technology’s role in cultural preservation. Speakers include Bettany Hughes (historian/broadcaster); Sarah Nankivell (Forensic Architecture); Vernon Rapley (Victoria & Albert Museum); Alexy Karenowska (Institute for Digital Archaeology); Rosie Garthwaite (BBC Arabic).

Explore the IS Tunnels

5’ | Namak Khoshnaw

During their occupation of Mosul, the Islamic State group destroyed the shrine of Nabi Yunis, revealing an ancient palace underneath. It was found that the palace was surrounded by tunnels, believed to be built by IS, in order to loot the antiquities and sell them. BBC Arabic was the last team of journalists allowed into the site before it was shut by the Iraqi government. The team used the latest 360 and photogrammetry technology, to create a detailed digital reconstruction. These can now be seen online in interactive and video formats.

Stolen Treasure

25’ | multi-media | Sarah Saey and May Abdalla

What has international law done to protect the heritage of countries in conflict? A year-long investigation across three continents reveals a lawless antiquities trade that is ultimately robbing the Middle East of its own history. BBC Arabic’s Digital Investigation team, working with award-winning research agency, Forensic Architecture, will take you on a multi-media journey tracing the stories behind the looted objects. With the help of video footage, interactive animation, stills and documents collected using cutting edge digital technology they will reveal the trail of these antiquities.