APA Oral History Project

Between 2013 and 2014, the IDA supported an oral history project focusing on the leading lights in classics over the past fifty years.  In collaboration with Ward Briggs, Carolina Distinguished Professor of Classics and Louise Fry Scudder Professor of Humanities Emeritus at the University of South Carolina, more than two dozen hour-long video interviews were recorded.  The oral history project was premiered at the 2014 annual general meeting of the American Philological Association (now the Society for Calssical Studies) to great acclaim.  It is our goal to continue to add to this archive at the rate of approximately ten new oral histories per year.

View the Oral History Project here


Database of Classical Scholars with University of South Carolina

The Database of Classical Scholarship is an online database of biobibliographies (with portraits, where possible) of all known deceased classical scholars of mark from (currently) the eighteenth century to the present day, compiled with the aid of living scholars whose intimate knowledge of the individuals represented or significant expertise in the individuals’ area of specialization. The development and ongoing development of this project have been generously supported from the outset by the Classical Conclave.

View the Database of Classical Scholars here.